Sway Staff’s Selection February 2020

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Ecco le ultime novità disponibili nel nostro Record Shop di fiducia.

Befog - Sex - BFG006 

    The trio returns for the sixth EP of their series.


Barac - Here And Nowhere - SHMN003 

Shamandrum is back with a third release by the shaman himself Barac, and Ursul featuring on the  B side.

Side A is a deep minimal track followed by a more rythmic and hypnotizing side B.

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community. Being healed means committing to use your resources and knowledge” – S. Kelley Harrell.

Roger Gerressen - Heading In A Backwards Direction LP - YOYAKU003LP

     Yoyaku presents its third release with an album by talented dutch artist Roger Gerressen.


Dubfound & Insolti - Fanout EP AMAM042 (out soon)

    Amam welcomes Dubfound on board!

Already known for his releases on labels such Rawax and Pleasure Zone, Dubfound delivers 3 quality microhouse smooth cuts.

For the remix, Volkan Akin interprets the track with driven bass minimal trip!

Claudio PRC - Diving Point (10 Years Anniversary) [out around 24 February]

    In 2010 Diving Point was released digitally on Italian label Elettronica Romana. To celebrate a decade of music productions I've choose to press some limited vinyl copies of this track, as a symbol of gratitude for your support throughout these past years.

Melchior Productions - Crown - MKIL01

Three lush funky emotional tracks on new label by Thomas Melchior…

It’s the beginning of a spiritual journey. Enjoy

Anushka - Lucid Dreams Of Siberian Ice Maiden - SLWDNC006

Russian musician Anushka makes her debut on Slowdance records with 6 original tracks. It is an emotional music journey through house, techno, minimal, jazz and electronica.

Audient - Del Este LP - AUDIENT001

Audio Werner under his moniker‚ Audient presents 40 min of ambient music. Limited to 200 numbered copies.

Dorian Gray - When The Humans Will Walk With - NWRV003

 “When the Humans Will Walk With the Gods” is the name of the new vinyl production for No Way Records. It's signed by Moreno Mariotti, aka Dorian Gray, Italian DJ and producer, author of several prestigious releases for labels such as Ascetic, Illegal Alien, Edit Select and The Gods Planet for to name a few. This new work, composed of three originals and a remix made by Blazej Malinowski.

Viels & Michal Wolski - End Of Perception 001 - EOP001

Another step for the first year activity of End Of Perception that is going to release the first ever vinyl. The label owner Viels and the well know producer Michal Wolski are going to deliver a split Ep containing a real personal sound. Deep and analog textures, FM raw industrial sounds with a touch of atmospheric pads marks this beautiful clear transparent vinyl release.


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