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Deepartment nasce come testata curata da Claudio PRC per il web magazine sardo Behind The Store, con lo scopo di esplorare gli ultimi dischi in uscita nel panorama musicale elettronico, tra artisti affermati ed emergenti e spaziando attraverso diversi sottogeneri e stili. Ora diventa un appuntamento incentrato sulla divulgazione di musica sperimentale, ambient e deep techno, collegando artisti ad un pubblico intimo presso l'elegante D59B di Berlino. Una sessione d'ascolto live trasmessa in streaming su RADIO.D59B seguita dalle proposte musicali degli ospiti della rubrica.

Deepartment was born as a publication edited by Claudio PRC for the Sardinian web magazine Behind The Store, with the aim of exploring the latest releases in the electronic music scene, between established and emerging artists, ranging through different sub-genres and styles. Now it becomes an event focused on disclose experimental, ambient and deep techno music, connecting artists to an intimate audience at the elegant D59B in Berlin. A live listening session broadcast in streaming on RADIO.D59B followed by the musical proposals of the regular guests.

DEEPARTMENT FALL #1 - October 2020 with BLAZEJ MALINOWSKI (Inner Tension, Semantica - Poland)


1. Tangram - The Existence Of Nothing (Semantica Records)

2. Mary Yuzovskaya - Sleeping Beauty Working Beast (Monday Off)

3. Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC - Lyra (012)

4. Joachim Spieth - Affiliation (Affin)

5. Sqeef, Leghau, Linear System - Silent References (Dynamic Reflection)

CLAUDIO PRC - Tips #Oct 2020

1. Polygonia - Transparent Creatures (Lowless)

2. Pris - Flagrant Foul Remixes (Non Series)

3. Mown - Geisslerlieder (Norite)

4. Mod21 - When The Ice Will Break (On The 5th Day)

5. MIKTEK - Hereafter (Ultimae)

#Made by Sardinians

Dj Datch - Diary of my Misanthropy (Incl. Steve Parker and Ruhig Remixes) [No Way Records]

Title: Diary of my Misanthropy

Artist: Dj Datch

Remixes: Steve Parker, Ruhig

Label: No Way Records, NWRV004

Country: Italy

Format: Vinyl, Digital

Date: 09.10.2020

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